Dizaster says that he wasn’t planning on battling Math Hoffa at King Of The Dot’s BOLA June 28, a face-off that turned into a brawl after Dizaster punched Math Hoffa. 

“After the Pat Stay shit, I was like, ‘I’m done with this shit,’” Dizaster says, according to an article on BattleRap.com. “Math looked at it [like], ‘Oh, right when I want a rematch, pussy wants to quit.’ This is how the battle came about. Fools were asking him like, ‘Why won’t Diz battle you?’ He would say shit [like], ‘Pussy is running. Pussy is ducking,’ you can find all these tweets from him… The pride in me as an emcee was like, ‘Yo, this fool is sitting here telling people I’m scared to battle him. I just killed him in Brooklyn. Whatever. Come to L.A. and I’ll do it.’”

Dizaster says that he thought Math Hoffa was going to punch him during their battle.

“I’m already thinking, ‘Damn, he’s probably really just fuckin’ gonna come out to Cali and just say fuck it and do a battle for the last time and never even go back to King of the Dot, punch me, get paid and just fuckin’ bounce,’” he says. “So I’m already thinking shit is gonna pop off. About a week before the battle I’m thinking, ‘In this battle a fight is gonna happen, at some point.’”

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