Now that Hollow Da Don battled Joe Budden at Total Slaughter last month, Murda Mook says that he wants to battle an “industry” rapper, too. 

“I want somebody big, big,” Murder Mook says, according to a story on “He got an industry nigga, I want an industry nigga too. I’ve been saying forever I wanted Em[inem] though. I been saying forever, that’d just be crazy for me to challenge my brain. I know everybody like, ‘You bugging. You bugging.’ Well, you know, I’m just a nigga that be bugging. I’m just one of them niggas that be bugging. I feel like Em, he may not come out though, the way he so dope [is] his rhymes and the way he set his shit up. I never think of no shit like that. I would like to do something with a nigga that would challenge me to do shit … He would have to do that shit just because he really wanted to.”

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