Jeezy recently explained how he felt Freddie Gibbs ruined relationships, including his work with Eminem.

“When the whole ordeal was going on, I was more disappointed than anything,” Jeezy said in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97. “I messed up a lot of relationships, even with Eminem, just by me putting Gibbs on the record that was for me and, trying to convince Em to do the record, and the record leaking in the process. That burned a great bridge for me. Eminem is my dude. Me putting [Gibbs] on song with T.I. – putting him on three or four of my mixtapes – and me paying for videos that he didn’t use because when he showed up to the set too late for them to shoot, and it’s all my money.”

Jeezy recently also spoke about this issue in July.

“To be honest, it could have,” Jeezy said. “I put him on a song with Eminem. I put him on a song with T.I. I put him on numerous mixtapes that I had. I took him on tour. Took him around the world. I spent money on videos that he didn’t use cause he didn’t like em. And it wasn’t his money. So, at the end of the day my whole thing was to him was ‘I took you to every label in the game. They don’t wanna sign you. I don’t have no reason—I love you. You know what I’m saying? I think your music is dope, but they don’t want to sign you.’ So, at the end of the day when I called him up I was like ‘Yo, I can’t really spend my money on you. I got family, other shit I gotta take care of. So, I’ll help you all I can, but I can’t fund it anymore.’ Cool. Conversation went well. We got off the conversation it was straight, love. I hear diss records. What I’m supposed to do? I’m not replying to that. Nigga, we getting money…At the end of the day we all tried. It didn’t work. That shit happens in business all the time.”

In the new Hot 97 interview, Jeezy also compares himself to Tupac.

“Nobody in this game got my credentials,” he says. “Just me and ‘Pac. As far as Hov, Hov is a businessman. Me and ‘Pac is more so on revolutionary leadership. Hov, that’s my G. I respect anything he do. But he’s a boss. He makes boss moves. Me and ‘Pac, we always on the ground level, trying to motivate and inspire.” 

(August 5, 2014)

UPDATE: In a series of social media posts, Freddie Gibbs appears to say that he will respond to Jeezy’s accusations.

Gibbs’ posts are as follows:

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