During an interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Atlanta-based rap group Migos gave their thoughts on the late Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. They spoke on what rapper they favored the most, with Biggie taking the most votes, before speaking on what rap would be like today if the two artists were still alive.

According to Migos member Quavo, a lot of today’s rappers “wouldn’t be out” if Pac and Biggie were still alive. He explained that in today’s music a lot of biting and borrowing is involved, a trait he says wasn’t too prevalent in the 90s.

“A lot of rappers wouldn’t be out today,” Quavo said. “Yep. Because a lot of them doing what they doing. Or doing what they did. And, you know, they didn’t really too much like folks doing they style. Taking they style. Like back then when people was taking the style they was getting in trouble about it. You was getting exposed about it. You had to come with it. You know what I’m saying? Now everybody bite off each other, feed off each other. I ain’t saying nothing bad, but they wasn’t allowing that in the 90s. You was with one side and one side only.”

Prior to speaking on Pac and Biggie, Quavo spoke on Migos putting aspects of everyday life into their music.

“We put everything into it,” he said. “Like everyday life. We put it into our music. So, we make you like ‘Oh damn, I at least heard ‘Hannah Montana.’’”

In a previous interview with Jenny Boom Boom, Migos revealed that there is no feud with those in Three 6 Mafia or 2 Chainz.

“It’s no issue on that. We salute Three 6 Mafia,” Offset said during the interview, which was published last month. “They still great artists, but I feel like we came up with our own situation. And then I feel like sometimes people try to put somebody else on you. That could have been controversy through us. Us and Three 6 Mafia by that statement, but shout out to 2 Chainz. And shout out to Three 6 Mafia.”

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