Tony Yayo has refuted claims that he ran during an altercation between Fredro Starr and 50 Cent.

During a recent Power 105.1 interview in New York, City, Starr told The Breakfast Club about the fight with 50. “Nigga tried to swing on me,” Starr said. “Nigga missed. Straight up.” Later in the interview, he added that several members of the G-Unit boss’s entourage also ran. “Him, Tony Yayo, all them niggas ran,” he added. “And I don’t gotta front, nigga.”

Now, Tony Yayo says Fredro Starr’s account isn’t accurate.

During his Breakfast Club interview, Starr also said he and 50 Cent have not spoken since their scuffle.

“The nigga tried to swing on me,” Fredro said. “Some physical shit happened. So, we left it at that. I haven’t spoken to the nigga since and that’s what it is.”

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