In an interview with Complex, Ty Dolla $ign spoke about the progress he’s made in the last year.

“It’s gonna be crazy,” he said. “I’m getting better every time and the music’s getting better and I’m getting more money so I’m able to get better equipment and hire different people to come in and play shit.”

During the interview, Ty also opened up about dream collaborations and listed artists like Prince and D’Angelo.

“I wanna work with Prince, I wanna work with Meshell Ndegeocello, I wanna work with D’Angelo,” he said. “I just talked to Bilal yesterday…I’m super excited to work with him. I’m just like more so on the dopest people when it comes to music, I wanna work with them. I still haven’t got a chance to get in with Drake. I definitely wanna get in with him, he’s crazy. Kendrick, I got him on the album already and shit.”

Addressing an already-in-the-books collaboration, Ty Dolla $ign went on to sing Lupe Fiasco’s praises while speaking about their latest single, “Next To It.”

“He’s definitely in my Top 10 now,” he said. “I don’t know why I wasn’t paying attention but after I did that song with him. I’ve done songs with a lot of people right? This nigga right here, me and Shafiq did the beat, he gave me an idea for the hook, I went in and did the hook, and then he went in the booth and just spit the whole fucking song, dog. I promise you it was off the top of the head, no written. The whole song. Probably went back and changed like two fuck-ups. I’ve never seen that done before. Lupe is that guy.”

Charting DJ Mustard’s recent rise to prominence, Ty added that he watched the young producer learn how to make beats.

“It feels so good,” he said of his own recent success with YG and DJ Mustard. “Hard work really pays off. We started from nothing recording at the crib. Now it seems like that’s what everybody does anyway once they made it. It just feels good to work with real people. Especially with Mustard of all. When Mustard first came he was just deejaying. That was like during ‘Toot It and Boot It Time,’ he never touched any beat machine none of that shit. Then, he literally just watched, asked me for some sounds one day, and then went past me in producing. To see a person like that, it’s like there are some cool, young, talented dudes out there that are serious about life.”

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