When Vince Staples looks at the landscape of Rap, he says it’s hard to find music he likes beyond a couple of artists. 

“We’ve been on the new 2 Chainz a little bit and Young Thug hard,” Vince Staples says in an interview with Tino Cochino of Phoenix, Arizona’s Power 98.3. “It ain’t nothin’ out, man. I just don’t be looking’. You gotta look hard, bruh.”

Staples says it’s even more difficult because rappers tend to copy styles. 

“You got the Migos song and then everybody do the Migos songs,” he says. “Then you got Young Thug so everybody’s ’bout do Young Thug songs, which is gonna be very hard to do.” 

When asked if others are imitating his style, Staples says he doesn’t get copied just yet.

“I ain’t poppin’,” he says. “I’m regular, bro. I’m telling you. We grind-mode.”

Part of that grind mode includes Shyne Coldchain II, a project that earned a 4 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review this year.

“Vince Staples is a pleasant anomaly to a Rap game often watered down by acts seeking attention for everything except quality music,” HipHopDX says of the release. “Full of slappers from relevant producer turned Def Jam higher up No I.D., Shyne Coldchain 2 serves as an appetizer prepping for an anticipated retail album from Staples on the powerhouse label.” 

Earlier this year, Staples also spoke with HipHopDX about biters. “We got 80 Migos songs out,” he said. “Everybody want to be the Migos and all the sucker shit.”

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