Scarface has fans anticipating his upcoming album, Deeply Rootedand the emcee says he’s going to release the album unexpectedly. 

“As far as a release, I’m just gonna drop it one day,” he says in an exclusive to HipHopDX’s Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte. 

In April 2014, ‘Face announced Deeply Rooted, the Geto Boys artist’s first full-length album since 2008’s Emeritus

Deeply Rooted is also set to be the title of his upcoming book with author Benjamin Meadows-Ingram.

“It talks about my life,” ‘Face said in April. “The good times. The bad times.”  

In January 2014, Scarface spoke about the state of Rap music. 

“The Rap shit [is] sounding stupider and stupider, and Country music is sounding more brilliant,” Scarface said at the time. “Rock music is sounding more brilliant and Alternative music is sounding way more brilliant. Shit sound good as fuck. Everybody [in Hip Hop] wants to turn up now, even in R&B. Who stole the soul? The soul is gone. Twenty-five years ago it was called soul. Thirty years ago it was called soul. Then they turned it into rhythm and blues, R&B. What is it now? Is R&B gone, too?”

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