Daylyt mapped out his business plans in a video he posted on YouTube Wednesday (23).

“As of right now, I got a couple more battles coming up but after that I will be completely done with battle rap,” Daylyt says in the video, according to “I will be venturing off to officially start my entire league. I am starting a league. I got a lot of stuff in the works for my league. I’ve also started a league before. [It] turned out very successful [I] got a lot of big names that’s gonna be involved in that league and when I say big names, I don’t mean battle rap names. I got a lot of big industry cat names. A lot of big battles will be going down. Will I be battling in my league? Yes, I will be battling in my league but I will not be battling as Daylyt. I’m actually going to recreate myself again.”

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