Lauryn Hill recently had a fan removed from a Chicago, Illinois concert after she spoke to the person about disrespect. 

“When I get up on this stage, don’t be disrespectful,” Lauryn Hill says in a video posted by TMZ. “You can go. Seriously. You can go…I would prefer that. You’re not gonna mess [this] up for the rest of these people. You can get your money and go. I’m alright with that. I’m okay with that.”

Hill, who reportedly performed 50 minutes after her scheduled set time, was allegedly upset when the fan heckled her. TMZ reports that her first song was “terrible” and that the fan flipped her off. 

“I don’t play that,” Hill says in the clip. “I don’t need to win you over. You don’t need to win me over. You can go and you can get all your money right back. I do this because I love it, not because I owe you anything. You understand that? You can get on your blogs and you can tweet. You can say whatever you want to. I don’t give a rat’s ass.” 

In April 2013, Hill appeared before a judge for sentencing in a tax evasion hearing. The New Jersey emcee-singer was reportedly ordered to pay a million dollars in penalties and back-taxes from failure to file in 2005, 2006 and 2007

Her problems didn’t end there. In June 2013, Hill reportedly faced eviction from a New Jersey mansion she had been renting.

In July 2013, Hill went to prison for tax charges. In October of the same year, Hill was released from prison following a three month stint due to tax charges

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