spoke exclusively to Watts, California battle rapper Daylyt prior to his battle with T-Rex at the Eminem-backed Total Slaughter event on July 12. In the interview, he talked about how league owners need to stop booking violent match-ups if the industry is to flourish.  

“Yes, it is. It is,” Daylyt says. “It needs to have that type of spotlight on it, it’s just that we, as a Battle Rap community, we all know who the hotheads are. Let’s move them to the side and drive up the road, man. Like Dizaster and Math [Hoffa], as a community, we all thought that Math would punch Diz, that was what the world thought. The world probably thought, ‘Yo, Math will punch the shit out of fuckin’ corny-ass Diz.’ That’s what the world thought. So stuff like that, we all prepared for. The leagues, the league owners, they go, ‘Hmm, these people are normally in violent situations, Imma book them and Imma book them ‘cause I, whatever happens.’ So it’s the leagues, man. The leagues book these people with the intentions of, ‘If it happens, it happens, man.’ I wouldn’t book this type of shit. I wouldn’t book it. If two people tweetin’, ‘Imma kill you,’ ‘Imma shoot you when I see you,’ ‘When I see you it’s war,’ and then you go, ‘Hey, do you guys wanna battle?’ What the fuck, man? I wouldn’t book those type of battles. I wouldn’t book grudge matches. If we trying to take Hip Hop, if this is a lyrical sport other than the antics, if we trying to take this shit to another level, let’s book antic versus antic battles, lyrical versus lyrical [battles]. Book stuff like that. If you trying to book people because you think they’re gonna fight, then book a boxing match, man.” 

Daylyt continues by offering a solution to the violence we have seen in the industry recently. He says not allowing entourages to be on stage with emcees will reduce the possibility of fights breaking out by “90 percent.”

“Do not allow numerous people on stage,” Daylyt says. “That will prevent a 1,000 percent of the problems. Because most boys get hyped up when they have people behind them. You know how many people in this world is scared to catch the fare one-on-one? There is thousands of people that would not catch a fare one-on-one. Put two people on stage by themselves, that avoids a lot of problems. A lot. That cuts down the possibility of violence by like 90 percent. Other than that, it has to be something completely disrespectful like it would take a person to spit on someone and then it might be a fight. Shit like that. But other than that, man, just don’t book the matches that you think could possibly fight.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Daylyt admits to being on medication saying, “I don’t know who I am.”

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