Ma$e has reportedly cut ties with churches he’s helped lead in Atlanta and Phoenix, according to TMZ

The site reports that Ma$e has severed these ties with parishioners of El Elyon International Church and that he’s returned to the Rap industry full time. 

The Harlem, New York emcee quit rapping to focus on being a pastor in 1999. He gained followers in churches in Atlanta and Phoenix. He reportedly emphasized virtues of marriage and family values. 

Ma$e and his wife, Twyla, recently settled their divorce. This reportedly caused many of their followers to “flee in anger,” according to TMZ. 

The former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper is now working on his upcoming album, Now We Even

Ma$e recently spoke about his Puff Daddy collaboration, “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.” 

“That record was Ice Cube’s record,” Ma$e said. “So, when I heard it I was thinking ‘What are we doing? This is Ice Cube beat.’ And at that point we had already had beef with the West Coast. So, I was thinking ‘Why are we doing this beat again? This is not gon’ be good’…It took me literally like two weeks to figure out exactly what he wanted. Like I would hit it here and there and then I would tell him certain things. He would go ‘No, that’s not it.’ He said ‘Let me see where you’re going with it.’ And the first line he’d be like ‘No, that’s not it.’ And I would think ‘You didn’t hear the rest of it.’ He’s like ‘I heard the first line.’ I was like ‘You didn’t hear the next bar. The next bar is crazy.’ He was like ‘But you’re setting it up. Instead of just coming out with it.’ So, I would write a dope verse and think it’s for me. And he was like ‘No, I wanna say the verse you were gonna say for you.’ And then at that point I realized working with him I’m gonna have to go over the top cause the verse I think’s for me may be his verse.”

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