Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa initially addressed fellow artist Young Thug’s 1017 Thug 2 cover, which appears to show Young Thug’s head Photoshopped onto Wiz’ body, in a series of tweets sent last week. And during a recent interview with Vlad TV, the Taylor Gang rapper again addressed the matter.

He called the cover art to Young Thug’s mixtape “funny as hell” and added that the Atlanta rapper probably wasn’t aware of the fact that his head was placed onto Wiz’ body for the cover to the newly-released project.

At one point Wiz appeared to defend Thug and even alluded to entire projects being released without an artist’s permission.

“Yeah, that was funny as hell,” Wiz said. “I know he probably ain’t have nothing to do with that. Somebody probably released some old music of his and didn’t have any pictures, so they just like put some crazy shit together. I thought it was tight though. It’s like—That goes down in history…It’s still probably not officially him releasing it though. I mean, us young niggas man, we record in niggas’ studios for like two, three weeks. And we leave some songs in there and that shit turn into a mixtape.”

In the handful of tweets Wiz sent in response to the 1017 Thug 2 cover, he gave credit to anyone who’s a fan of Young Thug’s music and poked fun of the bizarre pairing of his body and Young Thug’s head.

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