J Pro, an event coordinator for King of the Dot’s Fresh Coast division, recently broke down the best performances of the company’s recent Battle of L.A. (BOLA) 5 event. 

“I didn’t think it was possible, but Illmac did better at BOLA5 than he did at BOTB6,” J Pro says in an interview with BattleRap. “He got better each round. In the first round, he mixed in a dope freestyle about the time keeper that blew the roof off the building. In the second, he broke down Verb’s battle history and the illusion of the ‘top tier.’ In the third, he played the nerd role. The second and third were unintentional rebuttals to Verb’s rounds. Everything worked out perfectly for Illmac.” 

Charlie Clips, Dizaster and Daylyt were among the other acts named in the list. For the full list, visit BattleRap

Today (July 21), King of the Dot is scheduled to release the Dizaster Vs. Math Hoffa battle, one of the year’s most discussed match-ups. The battle features a fight at the end, which has reportedly been edited out of the YouTube release.

Dizaster has been banned for life due to throwing the fight’s first punch

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