Recently, DMX was stopped at an airport by a TMZ cameraman-interviewer and asked if he’s ever eaten dog food.

“Dog food?” DMX says. “Yes.”

During the interview, DMX, who says he does not give his dogs doggy-treats, also explains what he thinks is a good type of dog food for his pets. 

“Honestly speaking, the canned stuff smells the best,” he says. “Canned stuff smells pretty good. But as far as vitamins and minerals and nutrients, Iams is pretty good…all the popular foods.”

In the interview, X also jokes about feeding a person to his dog.

“I think I fed one of my dogs a person one time,” he says. “Nah, I’m just fuckin’ with you.” 

DMX’s affinity for dogs has been well documented throughout his career. X, who often barks on tracks, has put “Dog” in the title of several songs. X’s debut, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, features two songs with “Dog” in the title, “Get At Me Dog,” and “For My Dogs.” Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood features “Dogs For Life.” 2003’s Grand Champ features a dog on its cover. The album also includes “Dog Intro” and “Dogs Out” as part of its track listing. X’s 2006 album was titled Year of the Dog… Again and also features a dog on its cover. 

In September 2007, some of DMX’s buried dogs were reportedly found with bite marks

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