During a game of Connect Four with MTV’s Rob Markman, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller shared some unexpected news when he suddenly revealed that he has a record with phantom rapper, Your Old Droog.

Miller made the reveal after he gave Your Old Droog his cosign and added that the rapper is “tight.”

“You know who I fuck with is that Your Old Droog. Droog is tight. Did you hear the shit I did with him? The world don’t need to know nothing. The world never knows anything,” he said in a video posted on Hip Hop VIP.

The identity of Your Old Droog remains unknown, but many have speculated that the rapper is in fact Nas. Ironically, Mac Miller was recently pictured with Nas in the studio in June of this year.

Although many have held tight to the belief that Your Old Droog is Nas, several publications including Complex and OkayPlayer have shot down claims that Droog is the noted Queensbridge rapper.

News of a collab between Mac Miller and Your Old Droog comes days after Droog released his self-titled EP. The project received a four-star rating from HipHopDX and on the EP, the rapper is described as being “well rounded in his use of punch lines, commentary, bravado, the usage of themes and most especially, wordplay.”

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