With Young Money artist Drake serving as the host of the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards (ESPYs) earlier this week, social media, specifically Twitter reportedly welcomed a surge of tweets during the airing of the annual awards show on Wednesday, July 16.

According to Billboard.com, Twitter Reverb, a tool that visualizes “how the conversation unfolds on Twitter,” created a chart highlighting Drake’s most mentioned moments during the ESPYs.

The chart takes into account tweets that mentioned both @Drake and the #ESPYs hashtag. According to Twitter Reverb, there were 718,418 tweets sent mentioning @Drake and #ESPYs.

Among the most mentioned moments were Drake’s spoof video with professional athlete Blake Griffin and crooner Chris Brown (7,600 tweets per minute) and his “Honorable Mentions” (13,351 tweets per minute) and “Side Pieces” (19,550 tweets per minute) performances.

The ESPYs performance that brought in the most tweets per minute for Drake proved to be the Canadian singer/rapper’s “Sterling Never Loved Us” performance with 20,325 tweets per minute.

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