Brooklyn rapper Papoose offered his thoughts on New York Hip Hop as well as music from other regions in a newly-published interview with Vlad TV.

According to the New York City wordsmith, regardless of what region a particular sound comes from it still boasts “a New York sound” since the genre of Hip Hop originated in New York.

“I feel like the whole globe is a New York sound,” Papoose said. “We started—Hip Hop started in New York City. So, regardless of what sounds come out of every other region, it still looks good for us. It shows that we created something that can influence the world. So, when you say ‘the New York sound’—Yeah, you have certain music that gives you that feeling of actually being here physically, but come on let’s be real. Hip Hop started in New York. So, everything is a New York sound. You understand what I’m saying? It’s still a compliment to us regardless of what you do with it. We originated it.”

Papoose spoke further on New York Hip Hop when a quote from Bronx rapper Kool Keith was mentioned. In a past interview with Vlad TV, Kool Keith stated that New York rappers “ran away from they own sound.”

In response to Kool Keith’s comment, Papoose says he doesn’t feel that that’s what happened and instead offered his own take on why New York Hip Hop has changed. According to Pap, he says those “in positions of power” aren’t promoting the individuals fans want to hear.

“It’s a couple of different things,” he said. “One of the problems here is that I think the people that’s in positions of power—And when I say ‘positions of power’ I mean in a position to present the music to mass amounts of people at one time. They try to pick and choose who they want to shine. Instead of letting those shine who’s supposed to shine. So, when they do that it’s really not connecting with the audience because the people don’t really wanna hear these certain individuals. You understand what I’m saying? With this being the Mecca I don’t give a fuck how you slice it. You gonna wanna hear somebody that’s lyrically inclined. You gonna wanna hear somebody with some substance. So, when they trying to force feed certain artists I think that’s what keep us stagnated. One of the things that other regions do I don’t think they do that. From my observation it seems like they give everybody a fair shot.”

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