When Young Jack Thriller assesses the recent feud between Wale and Meek Mill, which came about when Mill blasted Wale for not supporting him on Twitter, Thriller says he sees softness on Meek’s behalf.

“That was some super soft-ass shit on Meek Mill’s part,” he says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “He really broke character. I really thought he was hard, just ‘cause of the way he rapping. He’s so articulate and loud.”

Thriller says he believes much of what Meek Mill says on records, but admits that he was shocked by the rapper’s comments regarding Wale.

“When he says something about another soft dude, it threw me off a little bit,” he says. “It threw me off a little bit, man. So now I’m feeling different about Meek Mill and then I had to go look up the definition of ‘meek’ inside the dictionary and ‘meek’ was a very passive word and it wasn’t as masculine as I thought it was. And I was just like, ‘Man, I don’t even want to see them fight. ‘Cause it sounds like it’s gonna be a tie.’ You ever see two motherfuckers that fight and both of em lose? I think that’s what happened with Meek and Wale. That was the worst fight I’ve ever seen in my life. And you on the same team.”

According to Merriam-Webster, meek is defined as “having or showing a quiet and gentle nature: not wanting to fight or argue with other people.”

Beyond analyzing the definition of meek, Thriller says he is also thinking about what could have sparked the feud.

“I blame it on lean,” Thriller says. “Blame it on the cocaine. I blame it on that new weed. That Cali shit, man. Ever since y’all start legalizing things and motherfuckers be coming over here smoking, that shit be too strong for motherfuckers and they be turning on each other, man. Dreams and nightmares. I don’t know what to say. Dreams and nightmares. They’re gonna love me for my ambition.”

Additional Reporting By: Justin Hunte

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