Common has addressed news that Captain America is set to be Black and Thor is slated to be recreated as a woman in upcoming issues of the popular comic books. 

“It’s a beautiful thing,” Common says in an interview with TMZ. “It’s the way the world is. The diversity in comic books is just showing where we are as people. I think we gotta see superheroes in diversity so we all know we’re all together.”

Vulture reported about Captain America recently, noting the following:

“Marvel chief creative officer — and longtime writer/artist — Joe Quesada confirmed rumors that Cap’s longtime ally Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon, would be taking the adamantium shield from original Cap Steve Rogers,” the site reported. “As of this fall, Captain America will be a man of color.” 

Time recently wrote an opinion piece on Thor being a woman.

“The mighty Thor, that symbol of masculinity, aggression, violence and war, is going to be a woman,” the publication says. “And it makes total sense.”

Common’s interview is below, followed by a DX Daily on the Chicago emcee who is set to release Nobody’s Smiling later this month.

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