After months of build-up, the Total Slaughter battle event is finally here. With the much-talked about headline battle between Hollow Da Don and Joe Budden on the card, the battles are scheduled to begin at 8:00 PM EST today (July 12) at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

Alongside the Slaughterhouse member’s first battle, veteran battlers Murda Mook and Loaded Lux are slated to face off in a rematch of their now years-old battle in 2005. The battle will be Mook’s first since his matchup against Iron Solomon in 2012.

Other battles on the card include T-Rex versus Daylyt and Arsonal versus Big T, all of which graduated through the Road To Total Slaughter reality show circuit.

Yesterday, Hollow Da Don spoke exclusively with Battle Rap and detailed his hopes for a high-level of performance from Joe Budden.

“You know I joke about the choke,” he said, “but I really don’t wanna see him choke because choking is wack. Let’s be real, nobody wanna see that. We wanna see him go through his three rounds. I’ma go through my three rounds…Hopefully he go through his three rounds fine and I go through my three rounds…We got judges, that’s for them to decide.”

Daylyt, long known for his gimmicks and antic-driven style, also told Battle Rap that his battle against T-Rex won’t feature any antics.

“I have no antics for tomorrow,” Daylyt said from the venue. “One of the reasons why, I wanted to give a big special shoutout to Marv Won. Marv Won is one of the few brothers that helped me transition into telling myself what do I want to be known for. At this moment I do not want to be known for an antic rapper. I do not want to be known for the crazy rapper. I want to be known for a rapper that has skill, a skillful rapper. I want to be the best rapper. So, no I have no antics.”

The Total Slaughter event can be viewed live on PPV at 8 pm EST today, and through On Demand Replay following the event, beginning 1 AM EST tomorrow (July 13), through July 26. 

Available on iN DEMAND cable affiliates across the U.S., Caribbean and Canada, as well as online on PC, Mac, and both Apple and Android mobile devices, the event can be ordered for $19.95 at

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