Addressing the recent Twitter beef between MMG label-mates Meek Mill and Wale, DJ Drama spoke with Complex News and said “families quarrel all the time.”

“Yeah, I mean, you know, I would tell those guys to keep it off Twitter,” he said. “Families quarrel all the time. You know what it makes me think of? It makes me think of, what would have been like fifteen years ago or twenty years ago if people would have had social media. There’s so much we missed from different eras because there was no social media. What would Beanie Sigel have said in 2002 and 2003? What would Kiss and Sigel been going back and forth talking about if there was Twitter at the time? That’s what it makes me think of, all the stuff we missed in the game because we didn’t have social media back then.

“But, you know, those guys, they’re both friends of mine,” he added. “I would just say, ‘Hey, let’s just go box it out.’”

Speaking in Philadelphia from the 2014 Reebok Classic Breakout showcase, Drama also touched on his view of athletes-turned-rappers.

“There’s only one, Shaquille O’Neal,” he said when asked about his favorite. “I’ma tell you, really Shaquille O’Neal made it look so easy he made it bad on the game. After that everybody thought they could go on and make albums and be rappers and so-forth.”

When asked if he has a negative knee-jerk response to the trend, the Philadelphia deejay added that “some of them could potentially be quite good.”

“I don’t roll my eyes because, again, basketball and Hip Hop are like one in the same, it’s so intertwined,” he said. “Just as we’re fans coming up of ballplayers, ‘cause I wasn’t that good, they might be fans of the same but some of them could potentially be quite good.”

Recalling Kobe Bryant trying his hand as an emcee, DJ Drama said, “definitely not.”

“One of my favorite basketball players of all time but no,” he said of Kobe’s short-live rap career. “Definitely not. Nah. Allen Iverson I would have been interested in that, in whatever came out. They stopped it. A.I. could have had a real strong career actually. If that would have happened, I definitely think he could have had a break-out career. Could have went platinum and did some amazing things.”

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