During a newly-published interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, former G-Unit affiliate Bang’Em Smurf seemed less than impressed with the group’s reunion at Hot 97 Summer Jam a few weeks ago. He even shared his belief that the reunion took place because Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck were getting low on money.

According to Smurf, 50 Cent’s lack of camaraderie towards other artists has prevented the other G-Unit members from working with the artists he says are “popping right now.”

“I didn’t really feel no kind of way because I [knew] Banks, Yayo, and Bucks situation financially,” Bang’Em Smurf said. “You know what I mean? At the end of the day they money getting low, so they had no choice but to run back to 50. Because 50 got them in contracts and he won’t let them out. So, it’s not like they could get money anywhere outside of G-Unit. Because remember at the end of the day the industry don’t fuck with 50 and these niggas no more. Like look at all the niggas that’s winning. From the Khaleds to the French Montanas. To Puffy to Ross to all the major hitters right now [that] are relevant in the game. They don’t associate with 50. He burnt like all his bridges with them. So, at the end of the day that trickled down on his artists too. So, they can’t really get no major money with the niggas that’s poppin right now…It ain’t gon’ work. It ain’t gon’ last.”

Bang’Em Smurf later made quite the bold statement when he revealed that he believes 50 Cent stole the hook for “In Da Club” from Lloyd Banks. He also called 50 Cent’s Animal Ambition album a flop and said that G-Unit will flop as well.

“50’s Animal Ambition just dropped…he flopped,” he said. “Once he flop G-Unit is gonna flop even extra hard…Banks is not really a street kid or a hustler. He don’t know nothing about hustling. Getting money out there scrambling in the streets. So, in the industry it’s gonna be the same way. You know what I mean? They depend on 50. That’s their daddy…That ‘In Da Club’ hook was a Lloyd Banks hook. 50 took that off of Lloyd Banks and did it over. The biggest record in the world today was a Banks hook.”

In a series of interviews with Mikey T The Movie Star, Bang’Em Smurf has criticized Ja Rule and Prodigy for releasing memoirs and shared his thoughts on Slowbucks getting his chain snatched during G-Unit’s Summer Jam performance.

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