Nino Bless says he respects Joe Budden’s craft, but anticipates he’ll lose against Hollow Da Don at Total Slaughter.

“It’s such a tough challenge for Joe,” Nino Bless says in an interview with Battle Rap. “I think he’ll show up ready and he’s fooling everyone with this lack of preparation shit. I know Joe talks about ‘these guys don’t know how good I rap.’ The battle culture isn’t just about bars. It’s part bars and part spoken word sparring match. Look at Loaded Lux. The way he projects his voice is on an all-world level on stage. He’s not all bars. His presence is without a doubt on a higher level than almost everyone. Hollow is the wild card of Battle Rap, literally the most unpredictable dude in it. He has angles, can freestyle, go personal, jokes, has punches and schemes, and more than anything, he understands the choreagraphy aspect. When he’s writing a rap, he knows exactly where to stand, what hand motions to do. He’s writing while practicing his movements. That is extra shit Joe is probably preparing for, but Hollow actually knows significant details that work.” 

Nino says he expects a “3-0” battle where Hollow wins all three rounds against Budden.

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