According to Lil Durk, his past beef with artists helped raise the bar for his upcoming mixtape, Signed To The Streets 2. During an interview with Vlad TV, Durk spoke on the DJ Drama and Don Cannon-hosted mixtape and further commented on his decision to release another mixtape as opposed to a new album.

Lil Durk revealed that those around him thought it best to follow up the hype from his first mixtape with a studio album while he thought differently about the matter.

“It was a big confusion,” he said. “They was like ‘Alright, the first mixtape went crazy. Let’s drop an album. Since the buzz here let’s drop an album.’ Then I’m like ‘Nah, I feel that we should drop another mixtape.’ So, we had a big ol’ [debate]. Like ‘We should drop a mixtape’ or ‘Nah.’ So, that shit that happened, that little beef shit kinda raised the bar. And like ‘Damn, I can’t wait til he come out with another project.’ So, instead of an album I just hit em with another mixtape. I got confident in myself. So, the next mixtape gonna be A-1.”

In regards to the name of the project, Lil Durk says it’s his dedication to the streets that inspired such a title.

“Cause I was looking like we were more into the streets than anything. Like we dedicated to it. That’s all we knew growing up. The streets, the streets, the streets, the street…We was spending more time in the streets than with our families,” Durk said.

Most recently, both Tyga and Game took aim at Lil Durk on their diss record, “ChiRaq To LA.” The release of Tyga’s song came shortly after Durk appeared on Meek Mill’s “Chiraq” and let loose this diss at Tyga: “Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, tell them thot bitches I’m not right / Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain’t got one stripe / He backpack, so easy to get the nigga shit snatched / Ask Marley Marl to get his shit back / In Chiraq don’t come here.”

Although the status of Lil Durk and Tyga’s relationship is unclear, the Chicago rapper did squash his beef with Game last month.

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