After it was revealed that Ja Rule touched on his fight with fellow rapper 50 Cent in Atlanta years ago in his new memoir, the incident has become a much-discussed topic of conversation with 50 Cent and even former G-Unit affiliate Bang’Em Smurf chiming in. And in a newly-released interview with Hot 97, Ja Rule has given his take on the fight.

Ja kicked off his story by stating that he’s been trying to offer his side of the fight story for quite some time, but no one would listen. He added that he even brought documentation of a restraining order 50 Cent and Tony Yayo filed against him to those at Hot 97.

“I’ve said this plenty of times,” Ja Rule said. “Nobody was listening…I remember a moment of bringing paperwork up to Hot 97 that had 50’s name. What’s the other dude’s name in the group? Yayo. Yayo’s name. I had actual, factual documents of them having a restraining order against us. And you know what people said? ‘Ah man, he doctored that, man. He made that up in the lab, man.’ I don’t got time for shit like that.”

While speaking on the fight, Ja Rule revealed that it initially consisted of the two men discussing their issues with one another, but eventually got heated.

“So, what happened was I see him in Atlanta,” Ja said. “A mutual friend of ours named Chaz…He sees me outside of the hotel before 50 rolled up. And he’s like ‘Yo Ja, you know 50 just want to talk to you about the whole situation that’s going on. Will you talk to him?’ I’m like ‘Chaz, I don’t have no problem talking to homeboy.’ I said ‘We’ll talk.’ So, he pulls up a little bit later. Now I got like a little bat around my neck or whatever. I’m holding the bat like this. You know how it was back in the day. You performed with little, stupid shit like that.

“So, I see him. He pulls up. We get to talking,” he added. “And the talk got heated because I got mad and I started screaming at him and telling him he was a bitch. And this that and the third. And so he swings at me. He caught me a little bit, but I dipped it. And then hit em with the bat, ‘poom!’ So, now we start tussling. We tussling. Now my niggas is there. He got a few niggas with em there. Me and my niggas proceed to whoop his ass. While his niggas did nothing. They sat back and watched the whole shit.”

The Queens, New York lyricist later spoke on the reason why he chose to write his new book, “Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man.”

“Long story short, I really wanted to write this book to let people know that I’m just like you,” the rapper said. “I go through struggles. I go through pain. I go through ups and downs. Even though I had a great career and things are going great for me, things were going bad for me too. But the one thing that I keep doing is I keep my feet moving. I keep pushing. I keep going. You know what I’m saying? I’m not gon’ never quit. I’m not gon’ let nothing stop me. I’m gonna keep hustling. I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing to be successful. It entails a lot of things. Creativity, phone calls, meetings. Setting up new opportunities for myself. Reinventing myself right now as a different artist from what I was when I first came out.”

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