50 Cent posted a photograph of himself and Common together yesterday (July 6) on Instagram.

The post features the two emcees side-by-side and the following caption: 

“Ran into COMMON we on the move BIG THINGS TO COME. #SMSAUDIO,” 50’s caption says.

50 Cent is reportedly crafting a G-Unit mixtape and a group album. The rapper has also established that he is prepping the release of his upcoming album, Street King Immortal.

Meanwhile, Common is gearing up to release his forthcoming project, Nobody’s Smiling. Recently, Common spoke about the upcoming album and its content. 

“That’s why I’m making Nobody’s Smiling,” he said during a recent interview. “That’s why it’s not just the music, but the movement of the fact that I’m not happy. I’m from Chicago. I’m not happy we losing people… people getting shot over things that ain’t even necessary. I can’t even act like I know every situation, why it happens, but some of it… it’s become part of… a way of life. People don’t value life as much as we can, as much as we should. When I hear about people dying it’s just like man, what do I have to do to change it. There’s people out in the field right now doing grassroots movements that work everyday towards stopping violence in Chicago and all around the country but I’m like, ‘This is where I’m from, I’ve been blessed enough to chase my dream, go after my dream and I want to provide the same for people where I come from.”

50’s post is as follows.  

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