With his battle with Big Kannon set to take place tomorrow (July 5) at Rare Breed Entertainment’s “Lift His Soul” in New York, BattleRap.com spoke exclusively with Bigg K, who offered his view on the classic matchup between Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don. 

“I think [Loaded] Lux is the greatest battle rapper of all time, but Hollow [Da Don] won that battle,” Bigg K says. “He went second. It’s like if Lux goes second, maybe Hollow doesn’t win. I have Hollow 3-0. It’s like everything Lux said, Hollow went next and he countered it. Lux put out an unbeatable third round, there was no way you could beat that and Hollow beat it. It’s crazy. If he went first and Lux goes second, maybe he doesn’t win that round. But as far as I’m concerned I think—I don’t feel like there was a loser if that makes sense, but I feel like Hollow won.”

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