Doomtree has announced an upcoming book, Doomtree: Every Single Day, set to be released this year. 

The book features “over ten years and 500 pages of behind the scenes photos, artwork, artifacts, and inside jokes from the hardest working collective in Hip Hop,” according to a press release. “Only 1,500 total copies ever made. There will be no re-pressings. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

The pre-order includes the hard cover book autographed by all Doomtree members and a limited edition 22-track project, Best Of False Hopes.

In 2011, Dessa spoke to HipHopDX about the group’s dynamics.

“It’s like trying to build a label through a chain letter, it’s just slow to spread,” she said at the time. “Even if everybody does their parts and tell their friends, there’s this kind of exponential growth curve which stays flat for a long time before it starts pulling up and becoming something closer to vertical lines. It’s been five, six, seven, eight years tryin’ to make it and its felt like there was kind of a critical mass. I dont want to overstate our current position. But it was a big deal to get most of us to quit our day jobs to just focus on music. That’s obviously an easy benchmark. That probably is the one that means the most to most of us – being able to spend your life the way you want to spend it.” 

More information on the release is available at Doomtree’s website.

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