When Busta Rhymes heard Eminem’s The Slim Shady EP, he says he had a reaction that damaged the bus he was in. 

“We were on the Smokin’ Grooves tour in the back of one of the venues and Wyclef has this big-ass studio on his bus so we always wanted to go hang out and he was playing The Slim Shady EP,” Busta Rhymes says in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Before I could actually get on the bus, I was standing on the three little steps that you walk up to get on to the bus and I was nodding my head so fucking hard, going crazy, that I hit my head on the windshield and broke the whole fuckin’ windshield of Wyclef’s bus. It fucked the whole glass up.” 

Eminem appears on Busta Rhymes’ “Calm Down,” a cut off Extinction Level Event 2, a project Busta Rhymes also describes in his Rolling Stone interview. 

“It’s a bare bones Hip Hop, fundamental, boom-bap record,” he says. “It’s samples, hard kicks, hard snares and a whole lot of fucking bars of rapping with both metaphors and punchlines. It’s a friendly reminder to today’s generation of what this whole thing is based on.”

In a piece published yesterday (July 2), Busta Rhymes spoke about his Eminem collaboration “Calm Down.”

“We just kept going back and forth, just competitive,” Busta said. “It started to really feel like we battling each other. It started to feel like a three minute and eight second song. After we kept sending it back and forth, it ended up being six minutes. We was like, ‘Yo, listen, it’s one thing to say ‘F the rules, but it’s another thing to say we O.D.in’.’ But it’s a beautiful piece of art…You’re probably never gonna experience a moment like this before. It’s our first time going in this crazy on a record unlike we’ve ever done on our own records before and probably unlike what we’ll do on any other record again. It’s special.” 

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