Speaking exclusively with BattleRap.com, Bishop Brigante discussed contracts with battle rappers where he states that battle leagues don’t “own” emcees or have contracts with them preventing them from battling on rival platforms. 

“I spend a lot of time explaining to battlers that if eventually you wanna [do] Floyd Mayweather money, you gotta do Floyd Mayweather work, inside and outside that ring,” Bishop Brigante says. “You wouldn’t believe how much time I spend chasing people for blogs, chasing people to tweet, chasing people to update their status. Listen, at the end of the day, all these Battle Rap companies, all of us, we’re marketing companies, really. We’re marketing and promotion companies. We don’t own battlers. We don’t have contracts with them [where] they are locked-in and they can only battle with us. There is a loyalty sense with certain battlers that we’ve harvested from the ground up, but as far as owning people, we don’t own them. So, with that being said, if you want to go somewhere else to get that check and receive a lesser valued push than what these majors are offering you, that’s fine. I’m cool with that. But when it doesn’t work out for you in that sense and you try to come back home, be prepared to be added to a queue. Because there’s people that are on the come up that live and die for King Of The Dot. There’s people on the come up that live and die for SMACK/URL, that eat, sleep and breath their league and are loyal to it and don’t just stray out based on money. 

“Whatever, do your thing, but we got a movement we’re pushing here,” Bishop Brigante continues. “We work for the battlers. So it’s like, if you wanna go get that quick money, cool, but that long-term money that we have over here, you gon’ tamper with it and if you wanna tamper with it, that’s cool. I like hard workers, man. I like battle rappers that stay on them blogs, that stay on Twitter, that keep pushing it because I’ll give you Mayweather money if you give me Mayweather promotion. I’ll give you that. But if you don’t give me that and you wanna dance around with every league, that’s fine. Cool. But it’s only gonna hurt yourself because at the end of the day we’re a major company that’s pushing your brand. So if we’re pushing your brand and you wanna go dabble yourself in a company that’s not gonna push your brand and they’re just trying to break bread to make themselves a little bit of money, cool, go ahead.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bishop Brigante discusses loyalty in Battle Rap and whether or not there are too many leagues currently operating in the industry. 

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