Kanye West has endured backlash for the comments he delivers during his his concerts. At the Budweiser Made In America concert in Philadelphia yesterday, the Chicago rapper-producer said that his work should be respected, not ridiculed.  

“People want to make a joke out of how hard we work, you know what I’m saying, whether it’s South Park making a joke a long time ago about us going to the fashion shows, whether it’s MTV recently making a joke…it’s fine, it’s all funny and everything, but don’t distract from my mission,” Kanye West said, according to FADER. “It’s not a joke what we do up here. This music is not a joke. What we do, culturally, is not a joke.” 

Kanye West then turned his focus to the subject of race.

“When I was at an all-Black school and people used to pick on the only White girl, that was not a joke,” he said. “So for me, to be in a very publicized interracial relationship [with wife Kim Kardashian], it’s not a joke. It’s something that should be treated with respect. ‘Cause we’re all in this together. You know, they try to make it seem like a self-absorbed thing, but the bottom line is, I want to be able to create more, to create more that can help more people.” 

Kanye West’s Budweiser Made In America performance is available in two parts below:

Ye MIA Part 1 by YardieGoals

Ye MIA Part 2 by YardieGoals

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