Jermaine Dupri recently spoke about how he feels regarding Chris Brown’s potential.

“He’s a star,” Dupri said in an interview with MissInfo. “I told people when he came out of jail, he’s going to be Tupac. He’s an R&B singer and a singer’s music is supposed to go farther than rap. And, it stretches over different boundaries. To me, he’s going to be more famous than Tupac. I mean, it is what it is. I just feel it. He’s a star, and I can’t front on it.” 

Chris Brown performed at the BET Awards ceremony, which took place yesterday (June 30) in Los Angeles, California. 

“When he performs, watch how people act about him,” Dupri said during the interview, which was taped before the ceremony.

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Recently, Chris Brown rejected the notion of being a part of a BET reality TV series

More from the Dupri interview is below. 

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