50 Cent says G-Unit is set to work like they did when they began.

“We just getting back to how we did it in the very beginning,” 50 says to MTV. “We going to start over and work like we need a record deal. We just continue to put music out. While we’re putting that music out, we’re making the coolest original content and letting that be there for the actual album. But, there will be a full tape that comes out before that.”

50 also elaborates on the group’s dynamics in this interview. 

“Creatively everyone kind of keeps up with each other,” he says. “They don’t want to be left behind [so] they’ll give you something that they had if they don’t actually come up with it on the spot right there. It’s so much content. They’ve written a lot of music away from me. So I don’t know what portions of what they coming up with is what they JUST came up with or something that they had an idea and been working with for a while. But it’s all up to standards.” 

50 says that the Unit is still trying to find a record that defines the group’s sound.

50 Cent and his fellow G-Unit members reunited after in-house feuding during New York radio station Hot 97’s Summer Jam

The reunion followed comments 50 Cent made regarding G-Unit members earlier this year. “Some people, they’re like milk,” 50 Cent says during an interview in March. “They have an expiration date and no matter what you do, they’ll spoil after a while.”

In March, 50 addressed his stance on the group further.

“I had a wonderful journey with the people I grew up with,” 50 Cent said of G-Unit. “I think the frustration comes from shock, probably, that it’s not everything they wanted it to be. [Tony Yayo] of all people… It’s not a secret, it’s a known fact that he actually came home from jail with a million dollars and a Bentley. Like, ‘What do you want?’

“These guys are millionaires,” 50 added. “They’ve made millions of dollars.”

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