Returning from a two year hiatus away from the ring, rapper Tori Doe will face off against C3 tomorrow (June 28) at Queen of the Ring’s “No Holds Barred” event in New York. Speaking with VladTV ahead of the battle, both rappers shared their expectations. 

During the interview, Tori Doe dismissed comparisons to popular battler Loaded Lux

“I don’t know why people feel that,” she said. “My battle with [40 B.A.R.R.S.], I just had a whole scheme to work off of. That’s the route I chose to go on that battle. I definitely don’t treat every battle like that. That was a different situation so I went about that differently. I’m definitely not a Lux, I’m not preaching to nobody’s life, trying to get everybody on the right track. That’s not how I market myself in Battle Rap so I wouldn’t say that. Please stop saying that.”

C3 also addressed being the first battler to meet Tori Doe on her return. 

“So many people wanted to see her back, it didn’t matter who the name was,” she said. “So many people would have been tuned in just because, ‘Oh shit, Tori’s coming back.’ So it kind of goes both way,’”

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