Weeks ago, Top Dawg Entertainment rapper Ab-Soul caused quite the stir when he threatened to leak his newly-released album, These Days… Now that the incident is behind him, Soulo says he was “messing around” and was more concerned with letting fans know that he has been working over the past two years despite the lack of a studio release.

Ab-Soul spoke on his past tweets and more during a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. He also shared his thoughts on labels after being asked why so many people assume he’s signed to Interscope Records.

“We was probably like more so just messing around,” Ab-Soul said. “I was kinda just saying that more so on some like ‘I know it’s been two years since I dropped my last joint.’ I just didn’t want nobody to think I was sleep. I turned in two albums last year. You know what I’m saying? I been working. I’m not signed to a major label. So, I think he probably wanted to take a lot more time to just try and build steam. So I don’t have that type of—‘I’m Interscope’…We just did that cause it’s like we really move as a unit. So, as soon as Kendrick started working with Dre, it’s like we work with Dre. It is like that. I can go walk through the Interscope building too…I think that’s why TDE is as big as it is. Is because I can just be an artist. I don’t have to worry about that. About this major label, independent talk. I’m not concerned about none of that.”

While discussing his rap name, Ab-Soul revealed that he first got his start as an emcee on the social networking site, BlackPlanet.

“I worked in a music shop,” he said. “So, music kinda followed me…I started rapping on BlackPlanet, really trying to get into it, messing around. Right, that’s where people went to hook up, but we was up there rapping, seriously. Typing. I know it still goes on to this day. It was so crazy. You know, niggas use different HTMLs and colors with their shit. Fonts, italics with the words you rhyming with. It was so tight. That’s where I honed my skills, for sure.”

Ab-Soul also addressed the recent shooting involving fellow TDE lyricist ScHoolboy Q. The rapper was shot at while in the parking lot of Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater on June 19. According to Soul, they’re still trying to figure out why Q was shot at, but they believe the rapper was not targeted.

“We still trying to figure it out,” Ab-Soul said. “But to be honest with you, it’s looking like nobody was looking for Q. It looked like they were looking for somebody else…Like I told you. I don’t have any enemies…That’s why I said we have reason to believe that had nothing to do with us or ScHoolboy Q. So, that feels good.”

Ab-Soul’s interview with The Breakfast Club comes on the week of the release of Soul’s newest album, These Days…

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