Former G-Unit affiliate Bang’Em Smurf recently offered his thoughts on the Summer Jam incident involving Slowbucks, during a newly-released interview with Mikey T The Movie Star.

According to Smurf, Slowbucks shouldn’t have been onstage during 50 Cent and G Unit’s performance. He also called in to question the rapper’s loyalty as he commented on Slowbucks attempting to bounce from Maybach Music Group to G-Unit.

During his commentary, Smurf even brought up 40 Glocc who filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles rapper Game following a physical altercation years ago.

“Yeah, you got robbed. You shouldn’t have been on stage,” Bang’Em Smurf said. “Fuck you doing on the G-Unit stage for anyway, nigga? You just fuck with everybody then. Maybach Music, G-Unit. You understand what I’m saying? Keep your circle tight. If he wasn’t bouncing from groupie to groupie from this team and this team and this team and that team, shit like that won’t happen to these lil niggas. But these lil niggas don’t know no better. They too busy juggling niggas balls…You shouldn’t have been on stage. That’s what happen. You got your shit yacked. Now you telling. Making investigations. You on some 40 Glocc shit. These rap niggas is pussy, son.”

Before speaking on the robbery and assault at Summer Jam, Smurf said he was proud of Slowbucks for working up the ranks over at G-Unit. He then stated that his primary issue with Slow was the fact that he would bounce from artist to artist despite their conflicts with one another.

“At the end of the day I was happy for him,” he said. “Cause I seen him come up from nothing. I seen him coming up from carrying Lloyd Banks’ bags to owning his own company and branding his own company. So, I was proud of the little nigga. But what I disagreed with—These niggas be in a whole bunch of circles with a bunch of different niggas and everybody got conflict against each other. I mean, one minute he’ll be with Ross. He with Meek Mill. Then he’ll be with 50. He’ll be with Banks. He’ll be with Trav. You gotta understand if you a real nigga you gotta keep it solid. You can’t fuck with all kind of circles.”

During Summer Jam on June 1 of this year, Slowbucks was beat up and robbed as 50 Cent performed alongside Fabolous and other artists. Shortly following the incident, Slow took place in a press conference announcing the launch of an investigation into the onstage attack.

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