In an exclusive interview with, King Of The Dot’s Bishop Brigante spoke about the behind-the-scenes in battle rap, recalling the early days of King Of The Dot pay-per-views and the problems they first experienced. 

“There’s been a couple of misfortunate events but a lot of times I think a lot of these situations that are happening are uncontrollable,” Bishop Brigante says. “The fans don’t always get to see what happens behind the scenes with owners of clubs, with actual battlers, with agreements. Like I said man, I try to be the best right-hand man to Organik because I know how much stress is thrown on his shoulders prior to an event. I know how much weight it is because again, we strive so hard to be for the fans so when that pressure and that stress of different things that are obstacles with setting up these events, it gets really tough. So I can empathize with what Smack [White] goes through, with what URL goes through with their events not going as planned and things starting late and stuff like that and a lot of people don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. 

“I feel like battle rap as far as the events side of it, it’s always going to be a working out the kinks situation,” Bishop Brigante continues. “It’s never going to be perfect, but that’s what also makes it so awesome because once you get through an event and you finally pull through with a great event it’s more dope, like, ‘Whoa, man, we went through a lot.’ There’s so many times me and Organik look at each other and we’re like, ‘That was close,’ but we made it happen. So it’s not the actual struggle. It’s how you persevere through that struggle and keep on keeping on. That’s why I love my team because my squad is the hardest working Battle Rap league, period. And we’ve been through the wringer over and over again with cancelled battles, with working out the kinks like I said at different events. It’s tough but we persevere and we work hard so that every event it gets better. 

To hear more from Bishop Brigante talking about the business planning that is involved in running a leading battle league, visit Battle Rap.

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