In an exclusive interview with, Bigg K spoke about different battling styles in the industry. The Norfolk, Virginia native opts for punchlines over schemes, quoting the latter as not “weighing enough.” 

“You gotta know who you watching,” Bigg K said. “You watch people that like to scheme a lot like Daylyt and Chilla [Jones], you got to pay attention to every word they say ’cause you might be missing a whole lot of shit. Me personally, I prefer punches over schemes. Shout-out to Iron Sheikh, he told me, ‘Look, a fuckin’ schemer can never beat a puncher.’ 

“You can’t ever, because it don’t weigh enough,” he continued. “I don’t give a fuck how good at scheming you are, if I’m punching just as much as you scheming, I’m gonna win every single time. 

“There’s a formula to beat everybody, man,” Bigg K said. “If you battling a muthafucka that punch all the time, talk that real shit to him, ’cause them punches is never gonna weigh more than that real shit. I can’t tell all my secrets but there’s a different way to beat everybody.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Bigg K spoke on battle preparation and being a fan favorite in the industry.

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