A$AP Yams says in an interview with Montreality that A$AP Mob’s L.O.R.D. album will be released this year.

“It will be dropping in August for sure,” A$AP Yams says. “We just dropped our single ‘Hella Hoes’ and shit like that. It’s doing its numbers.”

Given this success, Yams says that right now there is no competition in New York for his crew, especially given A$AP Rocky’s and A$AP Ferg’s success on the charts.

“I don’t wanna say we run New York, but we are the first New York crew to come out in the past two years who not only drop a #1 album for a top solo artist, but follow up with that with a protégé who cracked Top 5,” he says. “What artist in New York is doing that right now? We don’t get enough props as a actual record label than other labels do. That’s how I feel. I’m not gonna sit here and say I run New York ‘cause at the end of the day listen, Jay, Big, Nas is gonna forever run New York.”

In April, other members of A$AP Mob explained why the group’s project has been delayed

In the Montreality video, Yams also says that A$AP Rocky is working on a solo project and he has high expectations.

“You gon see something solo from Rocky coming real soon,” he says. “I can’t speak on it personally, but we workin. Trust me, we gonna give the fans what they want, none of that watered-down commercial shit. We’re gonna give ‘em that grimey-ass fucking trill shit that we always been doing.”

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