Pigeons And Planes recently did a story recognizing “Kendrick Lamar’s 15 Best Guest Verses.”

The piece features several songs by artists who have featured Kendrick Lamar throughout the TDE emcee’s career. A$AP Rocky’s Drake and 2 Chainz-assisted “Fuckin Problems” is on the list, followed by several other selections, including Tech N9ne’s “Fragile,” Kid Cudi’s Solo Dolo Pt. II” and ZZ Ward’s “Cryin Wolf.”  

Pigeons And Planes lists Pusha T’s “Nosetalgia” at #1, calling it a better verse than the one Lamar used on Big Sean’s “Control.” 

Pusha T’s ‘Nosetalgia’ gift-wrapped us Kendrick’s greatest guest verse to date, and perhaps one of his best verses period,” Pigeons And Planes says. “Yes, it’s better than ‘Control.’ It’s not even close, really. ‘Nosetalgia’ is a clinic on how to rap well. Few emcees have access to such an extensive skill set. Prefaced by an excellent, stage-setting verse from Pusha, Kendrick’s metaphorical breakdown of how he came to become a “dope” emcee is breathtaking. The wordplay is second to none.” 

In October 2013, Pusha T spoke with HipHopDX about “Nosetalgia.”

“He’s on a record called ‘Nosetalgia,'” Pusha said at the time. “We gave two perspectives [on the song]. [Kendrick Lamar] was giving more, looking from the inside of his home and how his family and his crusade through the drug epidemic affected him. I was giving you the junior high, high school start, showing you what it was and where I was at.”

To view the full list, visit Pigeons And Planes

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