United States soccer player Clint Dempsey is slated to release a 13-song album, The Redux, within the next couple of months, according to Complex

Dempsey, who raps as Deuce, is participating in the World Cup tournament. The national team captain scored a goal in the first U.S. match, which was played Monday (June 16) against Ghana.

The soccer star’s first cut off The Redux is “It’s Poppin.” 

In February 2014, Dempsey spoke about rapping. 

“I enjoy rapping,” Dempsey said at the time. “The first vehicle I ever had didn’t have a radio in it, so I would rap going to school. My younger brother would always tell me to shut up. So it’s just something I always enjoyed doing.” 

At the time, Dempsey said he “had a lot of love for Bun B, UGK, Pimp C, listening to Trae [tha Truth], listening to Swisha House. So that really shaped me as a person. That’s what I like to listen to before games.”

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