VladTV spoke exclusively with Charlie Clips straight after NOME 4, an event that took place earlier this month in New York. The highly anticipated rematch between himself and Tay Roc was the only battle on the card that was unfortunately cancelled due to time constraints. In the interview, the Harlem, New York lyricist spoke about the abandoned match saying it was disappointing for everybody.  

“That’s the battle that everybody came to see, me versus Tay Roc the rematch,” Charlie Clips said. “It didn’t go down due to time restraints with the club, they’re real strict about their time and things happen sometimes. I was very disappointed, it was very disappointing to everybody tonight, but me and Tay Roc’s in talk. Shout-out to URL we’re gonna get the whole thing situated. We gon’ get it chopping and we gon’ see what we gon’ do. It’s going down though, he gotta die again. It’s going down.” 

Elsewhere in the interview Charlie Clips talks about whether or not the events of the night will find their way into a potential scheme in the rematch, the battle between DNA and Ill Will and a few words on the Young Gattas and Ms. Hustle bout.

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