While speaking on first week sales for Animal Ambition, which moved 46,728 copies, 50 Cent revealed that he’ll never attain the kind of success he had in the past when it concerns album sales.

In addition to talking album sales during his interview with Hartford, Connecticut-based radio station Hot 93,7, the Queens rapper revealed that Animal Ambition is only the “warm-up” to his next studio album. He also spoke on success and expressed his confidence in the people bringing him back.

“I know I can’t actually have the success I’ve had in the past,” 50 Cent said. “It’s impossible…This is the warm up…I put this record out to cut through the cloud of my audiences mind, success. Some people are not conditioned or prepared for success. And it’s an adjustment. If you leave the environment thinking the exact same way you were in the environment chances are you won’t be successful. You have to make some adjustments as you actually go. Inquiring new information. Being exposed to different situations is what allows me to continue to do it, but if you don’t do it you’ll forget about it. The people, they’re gon’ bring you back. They gonna pull you back.”

50 Cent later added that at the start of his music career he didn’t receive much love from his fellow artists in New York City. According to the G-Unit helmsman, that’s the reason why his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ includes few guest features from artists based out of New York City.

“New York City Hip Hop wasn’t friendly to me,” he said. “They were keeping their relationships for artists that had already established themselves. And they were going ‘Nah, I’m cool with this. So, I can’t really deal with that.’ So, I’m like ‘Alright, I don’t have to work with them ever’…My album didn’t have features. All I did was put Em and Banks on my record. And Young Buck on ‘Blood Hound.’ You know what I mean? Other than that it was no features on the record. I didn’t say ‘I gotta be kumbaya, my Lord. Let’s prick fingers. Be blood brothers and love each other by the fire.’ You can go do that somewhere else.”

During an interview with Hot 97 earlier this year, 50 Cent recalled having no luck finding a deal in New York City and eventually signing with Eminem and Dr. Dre, artists from two completely different regions.

“I couldn’t even get a deal in New York City,” he said in April. “My deal is with Eminem from Detroit. Dr. Dre from the West Coast…was nothing there for me. This is why—People always misinterpret what they’re [actually seeing]. Because I’m the underdog, when I get to the winning slot I’m going—I’m not looking back to help people who weren’t helping me in the whole time.”

50 Cent’s interview with Hot 93.7 can be found at CBSLocal.com.

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