Days after tweeting out his frustration over the exclusion of his verse from A$AP Mob’s new single, Detroit rapper Danny Brown has addressed the matter during an interview with Complex. He revealed that he was “hurt” over his absence from “Hella Hoes,” but says the decision to ax his verse from the song was one made by the label.

Danny added that his relationship with A$AP Rocky became even tighter due to the incident he now calls a misunderstanding.

“See that’s the thing about it,” he said. “And I was so hurt about the whole thing cause them my brothers…People don’t know A$AP Rocky his first performance ever was opening up for me at the XXX release party. You know what I’m saying? But at the end of the day the whole thing just was—It was just a label thing. It has nothing to do with us. It didn’t hurt my feelings to see people posting about that stuff. Making it seem like it was some type of thing with us. But I guess in some sense it was a good thing that that happened because since that happened it made our relationship that much tighter. If you can have disagreements or whatever happens as friends or whatever. [If] you can make it past that then y’all family for life…Me and Rocky making music right now. That’s my brother.”

In a handful of tweets sent in early June, Danny questioned if his “Hella Hoes” verse was wack and stated that “rap shit fake anyway.”

In regards to the verse he created for “Hella Hoes,” Danny says it’ll likely be canned since it’s now “tainted” due to the drama surrounding the verse. He also hopes “they delete that shit from the studio.”

Danny Brown later spoke on those who have helped him throughout his music career. He revealed that A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad has been the biggest mentor to him and has helped him with problems outside of music as well.

“The biggest for me was Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest,” Danny said. “That’s like my biggest mentor I have in life. And any problem that I go through or anything not necessarily music-related, he calls. If he sees something in the press about me and it’s not right that’s the first person that [calls]. Like when I see that number pop it’s like my dad calling me…He checks me. And I love Ali, man.”

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