Chief Keef’s mother is profiled in the upcoming digital film, The Real Ingredients of OG Sosa presented by HipHop-Junies

The film bills her as “Mother of Super Star Chief Keef.” In the trailer, she speaks highly of her son. 
“My son is the king,” Keef’s mother says. “Keef is the king and everybody know it.” 
The film also features her speaking about her struggles. “Bullets in my wall on my [refrigerator] door…It’s normal,” she says. “We don’t fuss about it. I don’t come outside and talk about it. We suck that shit up.” 
The trailer also features an excerpt of a Keef interview with New York radio station Power 105. In the clip, Keef says, “That’s why I started rapping, ‘cause of her,” speaking about his mother to The Breakfast Club hosts. 
The trailer for this film is below.