This week’s most popular stories had to do with Jay Z and 50 Cent. Jay Z was spotted wearing a women’s jersey, 50 Cent announced Street King Immortal’s release date and Charlamagne Tha God said 50 Cent has reached his peak.

Jay Z Spotted Wearing Women’s Jersey

The week’s most popular story was titled “Jay Z Spotted Wearing Women’s Jersey.” According to the report, Jay Z was seen wearing a women’s jersey from clothing brand Rodarte earlier this month. Originally reported by GQ, the Brooklyn rapper was seen wearing the jersey from the company’s Spring/Summer line while out and about in New York City with his wife, Beyonce. The Rodarte jersey he wore is available from retailers like Shopbop and The Corner. The piece starts at$388.

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Charlamagne Tha God Says 50 Cent Has Reached His Peak

Elsewhere in the news, Charlamagne Tha God spoke about 50 Cent’s career. The radio show host said 50 has reached his peak. “Nobody can ever get back to where they were, Charlamagne said. “That’s just the nature of the game. That’s why, man, it’s sometimes better to have careers almost like Jay Z and T.I.Reasonable Doubt came out critically-acclaimed album, commercially it didn’t do so well. But if you watch Jay Z just grew and grew and grew with every album. Same thing with T.I.I’m Serious, critically-acclaimed didn’t sell shit. He got dropped from the labelBut he grew. He grew, grew, and grew and got to a certain point. So, after a while, like with 50, came out red hot. 10 million records sold. Boom, right on top of that, G-Unit album. Boom, four million records sold. Massacre album sold like 10 million records. He capitalized off his moment. From that point on it was just about being consistent. And I think up until his last album he was consistent. Cause his last album really didn’t sell well, but 50 Cent is a brand.”

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50 Cent Announces New “Street King Immortal” Release Date

Following the recent release ofAnimal Ambition, 50 Cent has announced the release date forStreet King Immortal,the rapper’s upcoming album.“The next project,Street King Immortal, was already written before I wrote [Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win],” 50 Cent says during an interview withThe Daily Buzz.”That’s how I know to write it like this. Street King Immortal will actually be out in September. I have a real strict schedule. I’m going to be moving around a lot. It’s going to be a lot of work.”

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