Addressing public speculation about his financial standing, Dame Dash explained why he thinks it’s a topic people shouldn’t care about in an interview posted to WorldStarHipHop. Before detailing his motivation to constantly reinvest, the entrepreneur said “it’s incomprehensible for me to hear another dude talk about another dude’s pockets.”

“First of all, how could I be broke and I got all these companies?,” he said. “Second of all, why the fuck are people talking about another man’s pocket. That means that’s a general problem in the Black community. Too worried about other niggas’ pockets. That’s what that means. If that’s all niggas is talking about is pockets, then that’s the death of Black people. Worried about another man’s pockets ‘cause you just demasticulated a man. You not a man no more when you talk about another nigga pockets…Worrying about another man’s pocket is not reflective of a real man’s perspective. Real men do not give a fuck about how much another man got. It’s incomprehensible for me to hear another dude talk about another’s dude’s pockets and have that matter and argue about that.

“I don’t even know how many times I gotta say that,” he went on. “I don’t care how much money I got, don’t worry about my pockets. And another thing, just so everybody know, I’m never gonna hold a dollar. I’m always broke. I’m always gonna put it in the street. I’m always gonna buy shit. I might have companies, I might have buildings, I might have art. But money? No, I’m not holding that. Are they worried about am I liquid or are they worried about what I’m worth?”

Talking about his approach to always “[buying] more work,” Dash went on to claim his involvement with Rachel Roy’s fashion brand in defense.

“As soon as I get it I put it out. I never hold liquid,” he said. “Never in my life. I don’t hold money. I buy shit. I buy more work. That’s what I’m saying. Whoever would say that, that tells you right there…What’s the explanation [of] how can I be broke if I own Rachel Roy?” he asked. “What’s the explanation for that?”

Dame Dash served as an initial investor in former wife Rachel Roy’s fashion brand and continued on with the company following their divorce in 2009. 

Asked if his relatively low-profile involvement with some of his businesses leads people to wonder about his finances, Dash asked, “Why, ‘cause I’m Black?”

“Everybody Black that own a company gotta be out in front of the camera for that company,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. You know why? Because they think Black people only have the ability to sell their celebrity, they don’t think they can sell their skill. A Black person can be rich without the celebrity? Yeah, I can do things from behind the scenes. They can’t even comprehend that. That’s what it be.”

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