While promoting “The Message,” a four-part documentary on Hip Hop he worked on with BET, New Jersey rapper Joe Budden spoke on a handful of other topics including his distinct voice and his status on the VH1 reality show, “Love & Hip Hop.”

When asked what gives his voice it’s distinct, gravely sound, Budden credited cigarettes, drugs, and genetics.

“I just want to say probably between all of the horrible things I’ve done in life,” he said, during an interview on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. “Cigarettes and drugs mixed with some genetics. That’s probably what does it.”

In regards to his status on “Love & Hip Hop,” Budden revealed that he’s unsure of his exact status on the show. He says he’s “signed on” for the new season, but is unsure of what producers would focus on since he’s no longer in a relationship.

“Well, I’m signed on,” Budden said. “But being signed on and actually being on are two different things. The entire premise of that show is—you know, it’s a relationship-based show. And I haven’t been in a relationship since the proposal. So, I mean, I’m not sure what they would be filming.”

“The Message” will premiere on BET tonight (June 11) at 10 PM/ 9 PM Central. The documentary will consist of four episodes (The Birth and Proliferation of Hip Hop, Trials and Tribulations, Women, Cash, Clothes, and The Digital Revolution) and will be narrated by Joe Budden.

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