According to Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, his “Drizzy’s Law” record will be one of the tracks featured on his upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth, but under a different name.

Lupe made the reveal during an interview with MTV News and added that he’s open to a remix of “Drizzy’s Law” featuring Drake, but says he doesn’t think the Young Money singer/rapper would agree to be on the record.

The Windy City wordsmith also shared the backstory behind “Drizzy’s Law.” He says Drizzy’s Law was a rule he created for his “Twitter nation” after he discovered that most of the users hating were men. Lupe revealed that he then limited his Twitter responses and retweets to women only and called the rule Drizzy’s Law.

“We started to notice that the people who were hating were the guys,” Lupe said. “So we’re like ‘Listen, guys. Listen, we’re setting up law right now where we won’t respond or retweet guys. We’re only going to talk to ladies on Twitter.’ And it was called Drizzy’s Law. Nobody knew outside of Twitter. Outside of my locked Twitter page…So, it’s like ‘Yeah, Drizzy’s Law. We should make a song just for fun and throw up on Soundcloud called ‘Drizzy’s Law.’ And release it on Twitter’…I think it’s definitely gonna make the album.”

Lupe later revealed that he’ll likely change the name of “Drizzy’s Law” to “Lupe’s Law” or similar. He also commended Drake for being “the king of the ladies.”

Prior to speaking on “Drizzy’s Law,” Lupe commented on Tetsuo & Youth and revealed that the album will consist of different zones, one of which will include the ratchet zone. He also spoke on the album’s first single, “Mission,” and wanting to release a single that would be “substantial.”

“The album is kinda compartmentalized into these different zones,” he said. “So, there’s like a ratchet zone in the album. You know? And so there’s—And they’re really good, really good records, but they’re unapologetically ratchet. Yeah, like summer in the club. Freaknik ratchet type records, but with my twist. You know, with a Lupe twist. Like ‘Ah Lupe, you got us again’…The label wanted to dive into it [song with Ty Dolla $ign] first. They was like ‘Let’s just do that one first.’ And I was like ‘Nah, let’s put out substance first. Let’s do ‘Mission.’’ Actually make, create something substantial. And then let’s have an after party.”

Earlier this month, Lupe hinted at an August release date for Tetsuo & Youth.

“The album is coming. It’s not June. It’s not Ramadan. So there’s one month left,” he said during an interview with Sway In The Morning.

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